The Danger Of Cappers

For those of us who have children who surf freely on-line, we as parents need to be aware of some of the dangers that our kids face. I have taught our Internet and Social Media Safety program to well over 50,000 students (grades 6-12) in our province, which has given me a true in-sight into what our kids are actually doing on-line.

Three sites that I want to bring to your attention as parents are:

These three sites are being frequented by students from grades 6-12…..yes I said grade 6.

Originally designed as open chatrooms to meet and interact with people from around the world, these sites have morphed into places where inappropriate sexual activity is the norm rather than the exception. I have seen many things in my 26yrs of policing that have curled my toes, but the things that I see going on in these three sites, Oh my GOD !!!!!!! I see young boys masturbating on their web cams, I see young girls masturbating on their web cams, I see young boys and girls having sex on their web cams and I see 70yr old men masturbating on their web cams for all to see.

What makes these sites even more dangerous to our kids, they have become very popular with pedophiles that “creep” our kids, and then groom them to conduct sexually inappropriate behavior that they then record and share or sell to other pedophiles on-line.

Known as “cappers” by the kids , these pedophiles, if not using shock and awe techniques, will engage our kids in what they call the “jailbait” game where they will reward our kids with points if they do certain things in front of their web cam. These “things” usually start with non sexual behavior, like show me a smile for 10 point, which then escalates to things like; show me your panties for 100 points, show me wearing your bra for 200 points and show me your breasts for 300 points. While this game is taking place, the capper will record your child’s actions in front of their web cam, which they will then sell or trade on line. The capper may also use the video to extort the child into further inappropriate sexual behavior on-line at the risk of the capper releasing the video to parents, or to all of the child’s Facebook friends, if they don’t do what the capper wants; something that is being called sextortion.

Here’s a great link to a video on Cappers and the Jail Bait game:

So parents be aware of these site, they are more popular with our youth than you think. My Digital Sheepdog Blog has several postings where you can learn how you to set up your Internet Browser to help filter out these sites from being accessed by your home computer.