The Changing Functionality of Apps: Parents Be Aware

Many parents, who refuse to purchase a cellphone for their child, will often purchase a digital device such as an iPod or iPad instead, believing that they are safer.  What these same parents do not understand, there are several Apps on the market that give these same devices the ability to make phone calls via their built-in WiFi functionality. “Some” of these Apps include:

  • Textme
  • Pinger
  • Skype
  • Fring
  • iCall
  • Google Voice
  • Line2

Don’t fool yourself in believing that your kids don’t know about these Apps, because trust me…….. THEY DO, and share such information with their peers !!!!! The teaching point for parents; Apps can often change the functionality of your child’s digital device.  As a parent, you need to know about the Apps that your kids have on their digital devices and what they can do !!!!