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  • Our Twitter: @DarrenLaur
  • Download the The Internet, Social Media, and Mobile Device Family Collective Agreement
  • 4 Social Networking Chatrooms all parents should be aware of: Omegle, Chatroulette, Stickam, and YouNow
  • RATS = Remote Access Trojans. This is what allows people to remotely control your webcam. Place tape, yellow sticky or bandaid over camera and also ensure that you close laptop when not in use.
  • “Vamping” what the kids call it when they are on their digital devices between 10pm and 3am in the morning
  • PC/Mac monitoring software for both desktop and laptop computers
  • monitoring software for Android, Symbian, Windows or Blackberry cell phones. For a 25% discount go into their coupon box and type “crimefighterguy” all in small text.
  • monitoring software for iPhone, iPad or iPod. For a 20% discount go into their coupon box and type “protect20” all in small text. We also recommend combining with
  • how you can see every iMessage here
  • if you place a call or a text to your child and they do not answer the phone or return the message this app allows you to shut down all functions on their phone until they do so.
  • To protect against phone RF: SafeSleeve place the phrase “THEWHITEHATTER” into the bonus box and receive a 10% discount
  •,, and are sites that will help parents to decipher all internet chat lingo, emoticons and emoji’s
  • Security software recommended for PC’s: &
  • Security software recommended for MAC: type
    • “CRIMEFIGHTERGUY” into coupon box and receive a 30% discount
  • Decoy Apps: used to hide pictures from parents. Popular app called “Spy Calc”
  • How to turn off geotagging on Android phones: geolocation-settings/
  • How to turn off geotagging on iPhone, iPad, iPods: geolocation-settings/
  • Security software for Android, Blackberry and Window phones. or
  • International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI): go to your phone and dial *#06#
    • Record the number that appears as this will be needed by the police and your cell phone carrier if your phone is stolen or lost.
  • Texting and Driving:
  • To check privacy settings on Facebook or Instagram: go to “The White Hatter” page on facebook “like” the page and then send a private message asking us to check your privacy


Monitoring Software Computer/Laptops
 Software_box webwatcher Monitoring software for all platforms including apple and android for mobile devices
Software_box WebFilter Pro Internet filtering software for iOS, Android, Also browser addons for Firefox ad Chrome
Missing Children
Software_box Child safety app A free app that provides a convenient place to store vital information about your child so you can show the pictures and provide physical identifiers to police officers on the spot. Press of a button you can also easily e-mail the information to authorities
Monitoring Software Cell Phone
Software_box  Phonesheriff Block phone numbers, time restrictions, block apps, Monitor text messages, activity alerts, location tracking and lock commands (BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile 6.x, and Symbian OS 9.x, Apple iPads and Android tablets)
Software_box Mobile Watch Dog Monitoring and Alerts, Allowed Contact List, Block Web Access, Web Logging, Time Blocking, Application Blocking (for android)
Software_box Net Nanny Mobile Web Filtering, pre-defined safety settings, Safe search enforcement, Profanity masking, Browser Settings (iOS) Filtering, Age-based profiles, Safe search enforcement, Profanity masking, Whitelist/blacklist, Custom categories, Remote administration and reports (android)
Software_box McGruff Safeguard Browser Free iOS app allowing to Set filtering based on age range, or select from over 60 website categories, including porn, dating, violence, malware, phishing, sex education, abortion and gambling. Specify websites by name to allow or block.  Some features require in-app purchase for full control
 Software_box MamaBear Free iOS and Android location tracking (includes speeding detection) social network monitoring app
 Software_box AVG  Free alternative web browser that blocks malicious sites or contain scams or malware will be blocked, will be notified and prevented from accessing the suspicious website restricts sites that are deemed inappropriate will be blocked, with the category displayed on screen
Webpage What Parents Need To Know About Cell Phones and Smartphones Web document going through the prevalence and safety concerns of mobile devices
How To Decipher Internet/Chat Lingo
 Webpage 50 Internet Acronyms Every Parent Should Know The most popular short forms used by toady’s youth that may contain explicit meanings
 Webpage Netlingo Internet slang dictionary filled with every imaginable sequence of characters possible used in the wild
 Webpage No Slang Website that allows you to type what lingo you want to know about and decrypts it
Anti-Texting and Driving Software App’s
 Software_box Free android app that automatically restricts texting, phone calls, and other driver distractions when the phone is in a moving vehicle
 Software_box Drive Safe Mode Push alert warnings if shut off while driving, Blocks within a few seconds of vehicle moving, Configurable to allow calling parents while driving, Proactive alerting and reporting if user tries to disable, Works even if phone does not currently have GPS coverage, Minimal battery drain due to GPS usage
Parental Controls
 Webpage Check To See If Your Password Is Strong Free password strength analyzers that provides you with real-time information on the level of security of passwords
 Webpage How To Set Up Safety Settings on iPod Age based restrictions on apple mobile devices and online usage
 Webpage How To Set Window 8 Family Safety Step by step instructions of how to set parental controls on children accounts on Windows 8 operating system
 Webpage How To Make WiiU safer Step by step instructions on Restricting purchases from the Nintendo Online Store, disabling online interaction with other Wii U users, restricting allowed games based on ESRB ratings, and implementing restrictions on streamed video content can be done by clicking on the Parental Control icon on the Wii U Menu and following the login prompts, and Chat functions
 Webpage How to make Kindle Fire Safe Step by step instructions on web browsing, purchasing, video playback, Wi-Fi, and time limits on Kindle Fire
 Webpage Setting Up Mac Parental Controls Step by Step instructions on setting up parental controls and Apple computers
Webpage YouTube Safety Mode Opt-in setting in Google accounts that helps screen out potentially objectionable content that you may prefer not to see or don’t want others in your family to stumble across while enjoying YouTube
 Webpage How Kids Hide Their On-Line Activity From Parents Rough approximation of what youth will do to prevent parent from discovering their internet activity that don’t want them to find out
Webpage How To Disable In-app purchases on Apple and Android Devices Set by step instructions of how to disable in-app purchasing. In-app purchases are a common way of unintended buying through credit card
Webpage How to make surfing safer for your kids Eleven things you can do right now the make surfing safer for children
Safer Social Networks For Kids (under 13):
Digital Peer Aggression (Cyber-Bullying)
 Webpage Digital Peer Aggression What is the Cyber-bully and what to do the defend and deal with it
 Webpage Do Schools Have A Part To Play Legal implications of the responsibly for the safety of students, and proactive measures needed to prevent peer-aggression and student learning
 Webpage Digital Peer Aggression, Sexting, Luring, Voyeurism and the Canadian Law Canadian laws related to online criminal behaviour
Webpage Sexting What Should the Consequences Be? Some thoughts from a Father, Internet/Social Media Safety Advocate and Law Enforcement Professional
Webpage Sexting The Who, What, Where, How and Why A brief overview of how students (sometimes adults) express sexuality through an online medium, and discussing the potential consequences of such actions
 Webpage Sextortion An exploration of what can happen with nude photos from the consequences of sexting or illegal acquirement of such material
Document New 2012 Research Research conducted in 2011-2012 on adolescents who reported sexting
Webpage Sexting and collage students Infographic depicting the prevalence of sexting among collage students
 Webpage Mitigate The Risk Of Children Becoming Involved in Sexually Inappropriate Behaviour Recommendations to parent on how to mitigate their child on engaging in digital sexual behaviours
Software_box Birdees Sexual Health Educational App, using the iPad to create a truly intuitive and interactive experience for the user.
Internet Predation:
 Webpage The Internet PredatorPart I  Part II  Part III Three part article overviewing who internet predators are, why they exist, and how they operate
Webpage The Danger Of Cappers An exploration on “cappers” or pedophiles, that records your child’s actions in front of their web cam, which they will then sell or trade on line.
What Is: Internet Pornography

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