I’ve Been Watching You

For several years now, I have been speaking to the issue that computer based web cams can be covertly hacked remotely, and anything captured by the cam can be recorded and used for a crime like extortion or identity theft. I have had parents, students, teachers, law enforcement and even some on-line safety experts say “this can’t be be done”.  Really !!!!!  Here’s a great video news link that supports my point.



So how to Protect yourself:


1) ensure that you close your laptop when not in use, or place a piece of tape across the lens


2) It you have an external cam, turn it towards a blank wall when not in use or cover it with a piece of tape when not in use


3) Ensure that you don’t click on links, emails or messages from people that you do not recognize, as often they may contain a remote access trojan (RAT) that can be covertly download to your computer’s operating system that will allow external access to your web cam.


4) Ensure that your malware protection and security settings are up to date