iPhone, iTouch and iPad Security Settings

Given that many of our kids now have an iPhone or iTouch, there are some security settings that parents can consider activating on their childs device:


Tap “Settings” App and select the menu called “General”.
From the General menu, scroll down to the option called “Restrictions”. When you click this you’ll be asked for a password. Create one, don’t share it, and don’t forget it.




This will now take you to the Restrictions page. This is your Parental Safety Controls Dashboard. Here you can do several things, including:

  • Remove/restore certain apps from the device.
  • Set restrictions for the App Store.
  • Set content restictions for videos and music.




The first thing we recommend is to switch Location to “off”.  A child does not need to know where they are located in the world and how to find them.

We also recommmend for yonger children, you turn off the YouTube app since there’s no way to set its  filter on these devices, so your child could surf anything and everything which includes very inappropraite content.


We also recommend that you turn off “install apps” without my permission. Turning this off removes the App Store button from the Touch entirely. In our opinion the App Store is still a little too much of a free market, and because of this, there are far too many inappropriate apps available to children.


Next go to the content restrictions for the movies, TV shows, and music.




This feature disables all explicit purchases in the iTunes Store. 


There’s also the option to set the age restrictions for downloading apps from the App Store, but this is to be somewhat useless as it still allows your child to see the adult apps and read the description. They are only prevented from downloading it to their iphone or iPod.



We also recommend that you download the AVG Family Safety App that can be downloaded to an iPhone, iTouch or iPad.  This app hepls to prevent children from viewing questionable material.  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/avg-family-safety/id423567709?mt=8