How To Disable FaceTime on iPod, iPhone or iPad

As most iDevice users know, Apple offers a video-service called “FaceTIme”, that allows the user to face-to-face video conference with another apple product user (no matter who they are), as long as both are using a Wi-Fi connection.  Although a great service for adults, this may be an application that you as a parent may want to disable on all apple devices owned by younger children for safety reasons (see my article on The Danger of Cappers). Here’s how to disable FaceTIme on iPods, iPhones and iPads:


  1. Click Settings.



Click General, and then Restrictions.


Click the “Enable Restrictions” button that’s at the top of the screen.



Enter a 4 digit PIN number, preferably something that you’re child cannot guess. And then re-enter the 4 digit PIN number again to finalize it.




Here, you’ll be able to choose which applications and settings can be turned off or on.


Simply turn off the FaceTime application. This will make the FaceTime button disappear off the home page.