Android Enable Passcode Lock


1. First turn on your android device, by default the slide to unlock method is the factory default setting



2. Now select your apps button



3. Navigate to the settings button



4. under personal, select security



5. Open your Screen Lock settings



6. Now you have a few options

Level Type Description
0 None Not advised as it makes you data to be easily accessed if your device is stolen
1 slide Default on most devices, and provides no protection
4-5 Face Unlock uses your facial pattern to unlock the devices, interesting concept but too many variables if someone looks like you, or the lighting around you might interfere with the camera
6-7 Pattern(6A) Use finger swipes in a organized sequence to unlock, this method provide fast access to you device while providing a basic level of security
7-8 Pin(6B) Much like a bank card with a security chip, provide a sequence of numbers to unlock the device
9-10 Password(6B) The most secure method, use any combination of letters, numbers and symbols. This is the most time consuming method of using the device



6A: Pattern Configuration 6B: Pin or Password
Android_Security_Lockscreen_pattern Android_Settings_Security_Password